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Come on in to Cynthia's A Taste of Puerto Rico and enjoy a Spanish home cooked meal!!!

We have daily specials so please be sure to ask what is on our menu for the day!


Below is a menu of everything we could possibly serve throughout the week!


We hope to see you soon!


Lunch is $7.99 for sandwiches  with a side of your choice or $7.99 (for meat with a side of rice and beans)


Dinner is $9.99


Almuerzo es $7.99 para sandwich con un lado de placer o $7.99 (por carne con arroz y habichuelas)


Cena es $9.99   


Almuerzo/Lunch is 11:00-3:00

Cena/Dinner is 3:00-7:00pm



   Lado de Placer/Side Treats 

*Empanadas-Pastelillos/Fried Pie Stuffed (with beef) $2.75 

*Tostones o Maduros/Fried Plantains or Yellow Sweet Plantains $2.50

*Alcapurrias/Fritters made w/green bananas & stuffed with beef   $2.75

*Bacalaitos/Cod Fish  Fritters (5) $3.50

*Sorullitos de Maiz/Corn Fritters (5) $2.50

Postres/Dessert  $3.00
*Arroz con Dulce/Rice Pudding
*Budin de Pan/Bread Pudding
*Tarta de Queso/Cheesecake
*Bizcochito/Cup Cakes

Carnes Seleccionadas/Meat Selections

*Pernil/ Roast Pork Shoulder
*Chuleta Frita/ Fried Pork Chop
*Chuleta Guisada/ Pork Chop Stew
*Costillas de Cerdo/Pork Ribs

*Pollo al Horno/Baked Chicken
*Pollo Guisado/Chicken Stew
*Pollo Frito/Fried Chicken
*Chicharrones de Pollo/Fried Chicken Chunks (sin hueso)/without bone)
*Pechuga de Pollo a la Parrilla/Grilled Chicken Breast

Carne de Res/Beef
*Carne Gusiado/Beef Stew
*Bistec Guisado/Steak in Sauce
*PimientoBistec Guisado/Pepper  Steak Stew
*Bistec Encebollado/Steak with Onions

Todos los platos se sirven con:
Arroz y Habichuelas o Arroz con   Gandules o Tostones/Maduros

All of these plates are served with:
Rice & Beans or Rice w/Pigeon Peas or Green or Yellow Plantains.

Sandwiches  $7.99

*Pernil/Roast Pork
*Cubano/Cuban (w/swiss cheese, ham & pickle)
*Bistec Encebollado/Steak w/onions
*Pollo a la Parilla/Grilled Chicken

Todos los Sandwiches se sirven con Papitas de Yuca

All  Sandwiches are served w/Yuca Fries or Sweet Potato Fries

 Sopa/Soup $4.50
*Pollo/ Chicken  
*Carne de res/ Beef  
*Sancocho/Spanish vegetables  
*16 Habichuelas/16 Bean  
*De Fideo con Jamon y Salchichon/Noodles w/Ham & Spanish Sausage
Occasional Meals 

Marisco/Seafood $8.99

*Bacalao Guisado/Codfish Stew
*Ensalada de Bacalao/Codfish Salad 
*Ensalada de Pulpo/Octopus salad

Se sirven con Arroz Blanco/Served w/White Rice
Specialty Items $7.99

*Monfongo/Fried Mashed Plantains  w/garlic $7.99 
*Con carne quisada/w/meat stew 
*Pasteles/Boiled Meat Pie

PLease ask what is the soup of the DAY!

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